The Collection
The Curve bar chair family with its timeless design is available in 2 heights and 2 seat shell finishes: upholstered in a large scope of fabrics and colours or black or white polypropylene. The frame is available in black or white powder coated steel.



The Curve stool ‘pure’ version goes back to basics. With its polypropylene shell it has a robust look and feel and will withstand the toughest conditions. In addition it is easy to maintain and a long life span is guaranteed.



When you want to give your bar or high meeting table some extra cachet, the Curve ‘luxe’ version with upholstered seat is the way to go. You can select a wide range of different fabrics and endless colour combinations for the upholstered part of the chair.

Curve white



Today’s world is, more then ever before, focused on results and people especially go to the office to achieve those results. At CONCEPTUAL we are convinced that people who are able to choose where to sit and where to work, structure their days more productively. They are more conscious of what they’ve come to do in the office and why they’re going to do it. Of course it’s crucial to create a landscape which optimally supports these diverse activities and that’s when we come into play.
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