The Collection
Elements is our premium range and consists of some 80 different building blocks which are all part of a modular system. The different seating and integrated table elements can almost endlessly be connected and reconfigured, with integrated power and data supply and many interesting functional details in order to support activity based working in the best possible way.


Unlimited modularity

The Elements collection adapts to every environment, to every style and optimally supports diverse activities. The straight, square, corner and rounded seating modules can be easily connected, without the use of tools, and completed with the loose furniture elements, making the layout adaptable in the future and ensuring optimal use of the available square meters with plenty of room for creativity.


Touch of wood

The backrests of all High and Mid modules are divided into two parts with a horizontal 18mm thick plinth in between. All elements with an intermediate plinth are also available with a worktop at the backside.

The high quality wood covers of the Connect and Bridge models are made of bent plywood, laminated with lacquered veneer. The environmentally friendly coating avoids scratches in the surface. The 3 different colour options correspond to the colour options of the plinths and table tops, creating a uniform look.



The different modules of the Elements range have fully integrated connectors at one or both sides in order to connect them to the adjacent element. Each order will be based on a 3D drawing of the entire configuration in order to determine the amount of connectors that is required. Especially when the configuration is placed on a smooth floor, these brackets prevent the individual seating modules of the configuration from moving away from each another.





Born in 1970 in The Netherlands, he started his art & design education at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, in 1988 and graduated in 1999 at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht as product designer. In between he studied in several countries abroad and before graduated for Fine Arts in 1993. In 1999 he started his independent design studio in the Netherlands and built his network of different companies all over the world. Dirk played a decisive role in the creation of Conceptual Furniture Design and its strategic orientation. He designed most of our soft seating ranges, his leading design principle being that furniture should adapt to every style and any environment.
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