Lounge furniture is made for relaxing and de-stressing. It should therefore be comfortable and of high quality. Relaxation is very important. Especially in the current time of stress and busyness. Being available 24/7 and always having to be aware of everything around you. But besides being comfortable and of high quality, lounge furniture should also look like a real design piece. And that is where things often go wrong with a lot of furniture. Lounge furniture is often chosen based on looks. The furniture should look like a real eye-catcher, especially in office spaces. As a result, it sometimes loses its most important function. Namely that of comfort. Conceptual Furniture’s lounge furniture meets all these requirements. The lounge furniture not only looks beautiful, but it is also of very high quality and very comfortable. In this way it is possible to choose furniture that both looks good and offers comfort to the user. You will definitely get all this when you shop lounge furniture at Conceptual Furniture.

We have many years of experience in the field of lounge furniture. Our expert team consists exclusively of people with a passion for design. Read our about us page and learn more about our special mission. As we respect the wishes of our customers, we can develop lounge furniture that meets all the requirements that are demanded today. Feel free to let us know your wishes. This allows us to develop even better furniture. Do you have questions about our products or is there something not completely clear? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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Quality and sustainability are of high importance to us. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of lounge furniture, we can distinguish quality like no other. Our furniture is very durable and can easily last for years with normal use. That is why large and leading companies such as Santander, Siemens and Philips have given us their trust in developing various projects. We also hope that we can supply you or your company with lounge furniture that fully meets your needs. Would you like to know more about our projects and the companies we have had the opportunity to work with? Read our reference page to find out more about our finished projects. We hope that we will soon be able to add you to this list of customers that we are so proud of.

Our mission is to bring a real difference to this world when it comes to lounge furniture, but also when it comes to office furniture. We develop, manufacture and commercialize our furniture ourselves. Our dedicated team has a passion for design and in this fast-moving world where everyone seems to be busy all the time, we want to help people to connect and to communicate. Our lounge furniture is designed with that concept in mind. By creating lounge furniture that can adapt to every environment, we believe we can bring people together.

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Our lounge furniture like the acoustic chair has been developed to be fully adaptable to any room and environment. Take a look at our Elements collection and you will immediately see what we mean by this. Element is our premium range of furniture. The furniture consists of dozens of blocks that can be put together in different ways. This way you can endlessly combine and compose the lounge furniture that fully meets your wishes. Whatever your space looks like, there are always plenty of options to create the perfect composition.

All our lounge furniture can also be adjusted in color and material. You are therefore never bound by the colors and materials that we show on our website. With each collection you can see an Infosheet in which you can view all the options that are available. The colors of the fabric can be adjusted, but also, for example, the type of wood with which the lounge furniture is finished. Everything is possible. Take a look at one of the infosheets and see the endless possibilities of lounge furniture by Conceptual.

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Good quality lounge furniture makes a world of difference. The furniture is comfortable and also looks great. Our furniture is built to last. This means that they are of very good quality. They are made for frequent use. That is why they are extremely suitable for public spaces and office spaces, for example.

Are you interested in our lounge furniture? Or would you like to know more about the endless possibilities that our furniture has to offer? We are happy to help you with all your questions. So feel free to contact us! Together we will see what we can do for you.

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