Since Corona made its appearance in our society, workdays have changed drastically. Spending lots of hours a day in an office has now turned into only doing specific tasks on site. People who regularly work from home may experience being less stimulated, productive and creative. Therefore, it is even more important today to have an office that provides inspiration, strengthens ties, lets people connect and stimulates creativity and innovation.

Project design in Zwolle can arrange this and is therefore a perfect solution for many companies. Workplaces are transformed into inspirational environments that fit the company. By creating a compatible and modern working environment with our project design in Zwolle, we help companies to achieve their goals.

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The office furniture for project design in Zwolle that we supply at Conceptual Furniture can be divided into 16 different collections. With these collections we are trying to meet the needs of as many customers as possible. Our office furniture is developed by industrial designer Dirk Rutten, upholsterer John Wijnen and office furniture networker Pieter Beeck. Together, they make sure that each piece of furniture has all essential features. Flexibility, adaptability and functionality of individual spaces are always kept in mind when creating our furniture.  All collections can therefore be used in different spaces and for different purposes. For example, we have the Column Table Collection, which is a perfect complement to our seating collections such as Elements. The simplicity of our round and rectangular tables means that they can be used in meeting rooms, cafeterias and workspaces. Not only are the tables available in various shapes, we also offer you various sizes.

Let’s explore together how we can provide your project design in Zwolle with the finest furniture. Would you like to have a look at our furniture to get an idea of the possibilities? Or to see which items you like? You will find all our furniture collections on our website! Would you like to know more about our furniture collections? Feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to inform you about our products and services.

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Corporate culture has been changing more and more over the past decades. The line between private and working life is fading and shrinking. This has led to an ever-growing need for comfortable and homely working environments. We at Conceptual Furniture have designed our products to meet this need. Over the past years, we have successfully provided many customers with project design services in Zwolle. Of course, we do not only cover Zwolle and the rest of the Netherlands. Thanks to our large network of diverse partners, we also operate in several other countries. Our collections can be ordered in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom, for example. By expanding our network and by making sure our customers feel satisfied with their project design in Zwolle, we hope to achieve our ambitions that include bringing people closer together and let them communicate with each other.

We believe that our furnishings can bring people closer together in their working environment. We have already accomplished this in many companies like Bayer and Utrecht University. Would you like to be our next happy client? Please contact us via our website. Together we can discuss the possibilities of your project design in Zwolle.

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Before you decide to choose us as your partner, it might be beneficial to know more about who we are and what we stand for. We of Conceptual Furniture can provide you with the ideal interior design for your premises. Through our wide range of modern and high-quality furnishings we are all set to provide you with an ideal solution. By designing, producing and commercializing furniture, we are aiming to stimulate social connections through our project design in Zwolle. If Corona has taught us one thing, it is that having social connections is extremely important. From the moment we start working on a project design in Zwolle, we always assess the needs and wishes of our client. We believe that the identity of the company should be reflected in the interior design of the office. It’s all about the little things like the finishes of tabletops and the colours and textures of furniture. We think furniture should be adaptable to any environment and therefore all of our items are available in various colours, sizes, shapes and materials.

Our experts will examine your needs and will ensure that the design of your office inspires and stimulates creativity. That is why we not only focus on the identity of your company, but we also make sure that the ergonomic and acoustic conditions are fostered. Would you like to know more about our project design in Zwolle? Then feel free to contact us via our website. We are pleased to answer all of your questions.

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