Our mission is to develop furniture that helps people to connect and to communicate. By creating products that can adapt to every environment, we believe we can bring people closer together, while preserving one another’s privacy through optimum acoustic solutions. Read more about us.

Today’s world is, more than ever before, focused on results and people especially go to the office to achieve those results. At Conceptual we are convinced that people who are able to choose where to sit and where to work, structure their days more productively. They are more conscious of what they’ve come to do in the office and why they’re going to do it. Of course it’s crucial to create a landscape which optimally supports these diverse activities and that’s when we come into play.

Thanks to our agents and business partners with whom we cooperate on a strategical level, we have been able to realize some impressive projects for leading companies.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.