A workplace says a lot about a company. That is why you should always take your workplace design seriously. It is not only essential for your employees, but also for customers who visit your office. They should get a good first impression of you. Workplace design comes into play here. But why is this so important? Everyone knows what a first impression does to someone. So make sure it’s good. A company with a beautiful workplace design makes a professional impression on others. It also shows quality. Do you have customers visiting your office? Then it is important that your workplace design is completely in order. We at Conceptual Furniture can help you with this. We have years of experience in the field of workplace design. We have developed beautiful concepts that are already used in many leading companies, such as Shell and Philips. Can we also help you with your workplace design? We will work together to ensure that your office furnishings look professional and that customers know what to expect from you. Feel free to contact us. There are no obligations linked to this. We will look together at what we can do for you and your office furnishing.


Would you like to make your office look more professional, but are you not sure where to start? We would like to give you some tips. Most entrepreneurs choose to outsource their interior design for workspace. This is also recommended if you really want to make it a whole. Quality comes first in interior design for the workplace. Of course, you can pick out some beautiful design furniture to make your office space look good. But for your employees it is nice if these pieces of furniture also sit well. So never look only at the appearance of the furniture. Comfort is just as important. We offer products for workspaces that meet both requirements. They have a fantastic design but are also very comfortable. Besides that, they offer flexibility and can be used anywhere. We think it is important to listen to our customers. By respecting their wishes and making them visible in our products, we have been able to put together high-quality workspace design furniture. In addition to functionality and comfort, we have tackled another common problem in our workplace design. Namely the acoustics. Modern office furnishing makes extensive use of large spaces where many people come together. This is of course ideal for consultation, but if you want to conduct an important telephone conversation in peace, such rooms are anything but that. That is why we have developed office furniture that is comfortable, looks like a real design piece, and where the acoustics are guaranteed. As an example of what we mean, you can take a look at our cabin collection. This furniture has been developed in such a way that it guarantees acoustics and also respects the privacy of the user. It’s made for cocooning. The walls provide privacy, but also make sure that the sound is reflected, as it were. This means that you will not be bothered by the noise of it when you want to make a phone call. But the booths are also ideal for a one-on-one conversation. Besides the fact that you are less bothered by ambient noise, people in your immediate vicinity are also not bothered by your (telephone) conversation so that you can have a conversation in peace. That is what good interior design for workplace can do.


If you really want to tackle your workplace design properly, it is advisable to work with a workplace design consultant. They can help you with a well-designed workplace. Good workplace design means more than just a good-looking chair and a few modern-looking sofas. A workplace design consultant can help you with this. Together with the consultant you can efficiently furnish your workplace entirely to your own taste. Our high-quality products can also help you set up your workplace design properly. We assure you that they will last for many years if being used in a normal way. They are extremely durable, comfortable and functional – everything you need for the right workplace interior design.
Interior design for workplace is not something you can decide on in a hurry. It is important that sufficient attention is being paid to this theme as it can have a major effect on the image of your company. We are happy to help you with the interior design for workplace. We have years of experience in this field and know this world like no other. Our products have a wide range of functionalities and can be used in many ways. By listening to our customers, we have been able to develop our products in such a way that they meet many requirements. Do you also need help with your workplace interior design? Please feel free to contact us. Tell us your wishes and together we will see what we can do for you.