The Collection
The coffee and side table range shares the design features of our chair collection with identical and high quality bases in aluminum casting, solid wood and bent steel.


Perfect match

Thanks to a range of diverse bases and table top finishes the Coffee and side tables can be combined for a perfect match with the Cameo meeting chair, the Tub and Shelter lounge chairs or even with the veneer plinths or tops in the Elements collection.


A base for every place

Lobbies, lounges, coffee corners, breakout zones, the Conceptual Coffee and side tables will always come into its own due to various bases such as the aluminum base on castors, the solid wood legs or the steel cross base.


Coffee Line



Today’s world is, more then ever before, focused on results and people especially go to the office to achieve those results. At CONCEPTUAL we are convinced that people who are able to choose where to sit and where to work, structure their days more productively. They are more conscious of what they’ve come to do in the office and why they’re going to do it. Of course it’s crucial to create a landscape which optimally supports these diverse activities and that’s when we come into play.
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