The Collection
Loose column tables versus integrated table solutions: both options are valuable. The first enabling an independent use of the tables separate from the soft seating. The second offering a plug and play environment for the activity based worker with integrated wire management.



The timeless simplicity of our column table range complements our seating collections such as Elements, S-tudio or Clark.



Formal or informal, different shapes for different needs. The column table will facilitate a quick meeting in the cafeteria or in the conference room.

icon table



Our Society, the furniture market and the individual needs have never changed any faster than the past decade. The working environment has changed and has become a bigger part of the business’ corporate image ever since. Furthermore, many of us don’t have regular working hours anymore and the boundaries between private  and professional life are fading.

All of this has resulted in an increasing need for differentiation, warmth and a cosy working environment. For this reason, Conceptual tries to fulfill this need for flexibility in the design characteristics of the products. Optimum adaptability to the setting, a broad range of functionalities and attention for the individual interior requirements of the customer form our guiding principles.

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