The Collection
The Conceptual Laptop table collection consist of easily movable and practical tables for the digital age. These tables can perfectly connect to our soft seating ranges to work, as people are no longer tied to their desks. They are multi-functional side tables that will blend in perfectly in various (home) working and lounge areas.



The yoyo laptop table is the perfect soft seating companion and comes in 2 designs – round and rectangular – and is height adjustable between 47 and 67 cm.

The height adjustment is intuitive: the gas spring operated column locks in the lowest position and moves up to the highest position by simply pushing the top downwards in the lowest position.



The steel laptop table is entirely made out of powder coated metal, including the 3mm top with its convenient handle. It comes in a 67cm fixed height.

The monochrome appearance as well as the two design options assure a right match with our sofa ranges.

Laptop Tables



Our Society, the furniture market and the individual needs have never changed any faster than the past decade. The working environment has changed and has become a bigger part of the business’ corporate image ever since. Furthermore, many of us don’t have regular working hours anymore and the boundaries between private  and professional life are fading.

All of this has resulted in an increasing need for differentiation, warmth and a cosy working environment. For this reason, Conceptual tries to fulfill this need for flexibility in the design characteristics of the products. Optimum adaptability to the setting, a broad range of functionalities and attention for the individual interior requirements of the customer form our guiding principles.

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