Beautiful design and great acoustics go hand in hand with all of our designs. The acoustic chair we have designed is ideal for people who are looking for peace in a busy environment. Office spaces are getting larger and larger by the minute and often at the cost of acoustics. Just think of the open-plan offices that are becoming more and more common. But waiting areas and airports also often consist of large open spaces, which are mostly very crowded. In all these different places there is one thing that occurs frequently: talking on the phone. Everywhere we go, people are busy making a phone call. And that doesn’t always go well in large open spaces. People usually need to speak louder and louder, just to get over the surrounding noises and to make themselves understood. The result is that other people start talking even louder. Or they are disturbed by the calling colleague and therefore can no longer concentrate on the work.

At Conceptual Furniture we believe that things should be different. That is why we developed an acoustic chair that improves the acoustics in the room and therefore provides a certain amount of privateness. In addition, our acoustic chair also looks very good. The chair can be fully adapted to your specific wishes, so you can choose from different colors and fabrics. Are you interested in our acoustic chair, or do you have any questions that we can answer? We are happy to help.

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The acoustic chair is appearing in more and more places. From open-plan offices to large stores and from waiting rooms to airports. It is not without reason that it is a piece of furniture that is very suitable for large and busy spaces. But what is in fact an acoustic chair? We are happy to tell. Firstly, you may recognize an acoustic chair by its particular design. In order to guarantee excellent acoustics, the chair needs to be partially closed off. Objects such as walls, but also objects like chairs block sounds. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that the acoustic chair is provided with components that are sound-damping. That is also the reason for its remarkable shape.

However, this shape comes into its own in a modern office design. The beautiful and modern design of the chair looks beautiful in such an environment. The partially closed design doesn’t only provide great acoustics, but also provides some form of privateness. That is because the user is not fully visible. In addition, the sounds you make will be blocked off so people can’t listen in on your conversation. These are just a few benefits of the acoustic chair for an open-plan office.

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Open-plan offices are more common these days. It’s a large open space where many people are working at the same time. It is said to benefit communication, because it should make the communication go faster and more efficient. In addition, it would ensure that people move around and make the area more manageable. Nevertheless open-plan offices do have some disadvantages. The biggest drawback is without a doubt the busy ambient noises. You will hear every consultation, people discussing their weekend plans and lots of phone calls being made. Therefore, making an important phone call is often difficult in an open-plan office.

An acoustic chair, also named a call chair, is however an excellent solution. The acoustic chair enables you to make a phone call in peace. No matter how large or crowded the workspace is. Thanks to the design of the chair, you will not be hindered by ambient noise. In this way you are able to make your phone call in peace and quiet, without distracting your colleagues. But the same applies the other way around. Due to the sound-damping effect of the acoustic chair you won’t be bothered by the ambient noise of others. In short, an acoustic chair is an excellent solution for open-plan offices and other crowded open spaces.

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Apart from the acoustic chair we can provide you with much more furniture for office and school furnishing. Our product range includes, for example, various acoustic benches and cabins, all of which are made in a special design. If you would like to know what we mean by that, just take a look at our cabin collection. It is even possible to fully adapt our designs to your wishes. You can choose your own fabrics and colors so that the end result is completely in your hands.

Leading companies such as Man and Continental are among our clientele and hopefully, you will soon too. Would you like to know more about our products like the acoustic chair? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.

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