When a company opens an office, moves or renovates, project design in Eindhoven plays an important role. Project design is a broad concept and includes everything that has to do with the design of an office, space or building. With project design it is important that the identity of a company is recognizable in the design. Also the design of a space, the functionalities of the interior and the ergonomic and acoustic solutions must be taken into account. At Conceptual Furniture we implement project design in Eindhoven by using our own products. We find all of the aforementioned factors extremely important for project design in Eindhoven, so we incorporate them into our products one by one. We have already realized a number of beautiful project design projects for fascinating companies and would be happy to tell you all about them. Would you like to know more about us or about project design in Eindhoven? Then get in touch with us via the website.


Project design in Eindhoven has a great influence on the working environment. Apart from making an office look stylish, project design in Eindhoven can also increase the productivity of employees. Nowadays, an office is no longer the place where people spend more than 40 hours a week. In the office of the future, only specific tasks will be performed. The purpose of an office is to inspire and stimulate people. Our mission is to use the development and production of furniture to allow people to interact and communicate with each other. With project design in Eindhoven, we want to support companies in achieving their goals. Do you have questions about how we do this exactly? Or would you like to know more about interior design project management in Eindhoven and what we can do for you? You can read it all on our website.


As mentioned before, our mission is to help people connect with each other by developing furniture. With project design in Eindhoven, we look at the flexibility in the design, the functionalities within a space and the interior wishes of a customer. With our project design, we let people choose where they work and how they organise their day. When people can choose where, how and when they work, they can spend their days productively. At Conceptual, we want to use our products to create a versatile landscape that can support all kinds of activities people undertake. Our product range is therefore very broad. We can realise project design in Eindhoven for your entire premises, but also for specific areas such as lounges, lobbies, canteens, meeting rooms and various work places. Our collections are designed in such a way that they can be used in multiple places. With our broad range, we hope to help build the future of your office. The new office, a place where people feel good and are part of a greater whole. A place where they know what their role is in it.
The aim of project design in Eindhoven is to create a motivating working environment. The way in which this is done differs per company, of course. It is essential for employees to have a good workplace to increase energy, productivity and performance. We have already been able to realise project design in Eindhoven for a number of wonderful companies. Not only the companies but also the employees were very happy with the result. The combinations of different materials, dimensions, use of materials and colour choices ensured that each company achieved a unique office design. Examples of companies that chose for our project design in Eindhoven are Philips and the European Commission.  We at Conceptual Furniture look beyond the Netherlands. We also distribute to other countries such as France and the United Kingdom. Project design in today’s society and the future of innovative workplaces are in fact the focus of many different companies around the world. Would you like to know more about the interior design projects we have already realised and what exactly we can do for you? Read more about our design project in Eindhoven on our website. Besides, we are always happy to answer your questions and look into possibilities together.