If you want to redesign your office, restaurant or school, or if you are constructing a large building, project design in Utrecht might be of interest to you. During project design in Utrecht professionals get to work for you. They examine all your spaces and ensure that they are furnished as efficiently as possible. From the best lounge furniture and workplace design to canteen furniture and school design. The professionals of project design in Utrecht make sure that your spaces are furnished practically, modern and according to your wishes.

Are you looking for project design in Utrecht? Then we at Conceptual Furniture are happy to help you. We provide you with the best matching furniture for your office, restaurant, school or company premises. Our furniture is modern, sleek and perfectly suited to the new era “New Work”.  All of our furniture is designed by the Conceptual Furniture team Would you like to know more? Then take a look at our about us page and get to know us better.

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With project design Utrecht we look further than just the furniture in a room. We find it very important to listen to our customers. We attach great value to the interior design wishes of our customer, so that we can express his or her identity with the space. Just like we take a close look at the most efficient use of a space. Because of our large assortment of office furniture, we can take the above into account with a project design. Not only do we have 16 furniture collections, but all our products are available in different sizes, shapes and materials.

Are you curious about our collections? Then take a look at all our collections on our website! On our website you will find an extensive range of sofas, tables, chairs, touchdown workstations and footstools. Our furniture is flexible, playful, minimalist, modern, distinctive and versatile. There is something for everyone in our range. This means that we can adapt each project design in Utrecht to the wishes, needs and image of the client.

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In today’s society, working hours are changing more and more. It is no longer the norm to spend five days a week at the office or school and the boundaries between work and private life are fading. An office or workplace should therefore offer inspiration, strengthen ties, allow people to meet each other and stimulate creativity and innovation.

Project design in Utrecht is more than just picking and placing furniture. Furniture has to be arranged in such a way that it is optimally adapted to the environment. The functionalities need to be taken into account, but at the same time the design should symbolise the identity of the company. With our self-designed products for project design in Utrecht we want to bring people closer together. In addition, we take ergonomic and acoustic conditions into account. We do everything we can to create a pleasant working environment that encourages people to get the best out of themselves.

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In recent years, there has been a rapidly growing need for new and diverse furnishing products. This is one of the reasons why we have created Conceptual Furniture. With our products we want to develop, produce and commercialise furniture. With the footstools that we use for our project design Utrecht we want to bring people together.

After all, a workplace is more than just a place to work. We think social contact is extremely important and we strive to give your company, in addition to a nice appearance, a nice workplace for your employees. That is what it is all about these days. Are you interested? Let us know! Then we will work together on the perfect work environment!



Thanks to our large network of various partners, we can offer our furniture in various countries. Apart from the Netherlands we also work in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom. With the help of our strategic partners we have been able to realise many beautiful projects for leading companies. We have created a landscape that stimulates productivity and creativity for companies like Shell, Amazon and Maastricht Aachen Airport.

Are you curious about what we can do for you in terms of project design Utrecht? Please contact us via the website! We like to tell you everything about it.

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