A work environment is more than just a place where work is carried out. It is a place where people come together and meet each other, where new ideas are formed and where people work hard for the present and future. Therefore, it is important that such an environment is an inspiring and motivating environment where social contacts can be exchanged and at the same time forms a good basis for productivity. Of course, the interior contributes to this. At Conceptual Furniture we are at your service for project design in Rotterdam. We provide canteen furniture, workplace design, meeting rooms, boardroom furniture, lobbies, and lounges with matching, modern, high-quality and timeless furniture. From project design of, among others, offices, schools, catering, and care institutions, we are ready to provide you with a modern office design. Would you like to know more about what we can do for your project design in Rotterdam? Feel free to contact us. No obligations involved!



We at Conceptual Furniture do project design in Rotterdam for various spaces of companies. We are specialized in furniture for meetings, canteens and lobbies. With our furniture we can also furnish spaces that ensure people can work concentrated, without too many stimuli and distractions. We have different collections that each have their own qualities and respond to a need. When we start working on a project design in Rotterdam, we therefore also listen carefully to the wishes and needs of the customer and take this into account as much as possible. After all, the intention is that our customers can find their identity in their interior and thus let their employees become one with the company. Do you have questions about project design in Rotterdam? Or do you want to know what we can do for you? Please contact us via the website. We strive to provide you with the best possible service as quickly and as well as possible.



Are you looking for project design in Rotterdam? Then you have come to the right place at Conceptual Furniture. Our aim is to create a modular furniture system to promote social contacts in ergonomic and acoustic conditions. When we start working on a project design in Rotterdam, we support the identity of the company in all circumstances and we aim to evolve. This is how we want to make a difference! With project design in Rotterdam, we always look at the optimal adaptability in an environment with our products. In addition, we always pay attention to your individual interior wishes, which are therefore the guideline for us. Our mission is to bring people together with our project furnishing in Rotterdam by means of developing, producing and commercializing furniture. We all know that social contacts are extremely important in any space, company and society. The purpose of an office is to provide inspiration, strengthen cultural ties, get to know people and stimulate creativity. With the project furnishing in Rotterdam we can achieve this goal.
Because we want to serve our customers as well as possible during the project design in Rotterdam we have a large range of products. We have 16 different collections with different purposes in our range to create a modern office design which is both efficient and conscious. An example of such a collection is the Laptop Table Collection. It is a series of mobile and practical tables that focus on the mobile era and connect to different work and lounge situations. In addition to these 16 different collections, we can also personalize these collections. Whether it should be simple, sustainable, or distinctive, we look at what you find important and adjust everything accordingly. Our office furniture is the result of a collaboration between industrial designer Dirk Rutten, upholsterer John Wijnen and office furniture networker Pieter Beeck. This multidisciplinary team examined all the different and important aspects that come with office furniture design. These include, for example, flexibility and optimal adaptability to the environment and attention to interior wishes of the new era New Work.



Thanks to our strategic partners and agendas, we have already been able to realize beautiful project design in Rotterdam for leading companies. We think it is important that people can choose where they want to work in order to work in a productive way. We have already been able to realize a number of great projects for satisfied customers such as Rabobank and Philips. Would you like to know more about project design in Rotterdam or maybe in Eindhoven, Zwolle, Utrecht or Groningen? Or do you want to know what we can do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to look at the possibilities with you.